The Shop of Possibilities 2012

The Shop of Possibilities is the SLG’s social space for play for local children and families in a former retail outlet on the neighbouring Sceaux Gardens housing estate. This newly renovated space was designed in collaboration with Febrik, a collaborative platform for participatory art and design research, and opened in May 2012.

Photo: Richard Eaton

Originally invited in 2010/11 by the South London Gallery to undertake a Making Play residency in a smaller shop unit on the Sceaux Gardens estate, Febrik worked with resident children to create The Shop of Possibilities in a much larger neighbouring unit. It serves as a free afterschool and weekend play space for children and families on a number of local housing estates, with a focus on bringing together children’s play and contemporary art practices. Febrik collaborated with artist/designer Joanna Brinton on the realisation of the Shop of Possibilities.

Photo: Richard Eaton
Febrik's interest in how abandoned objects can be transformed into play items has been carried through from the Palestinian refugee camps to the Sceaux Gardens estate, where they have worked with children to design The Shop of Possibilities, which includes an evolving interactive wall of play items made from recycled objects. As objects are donated or collected, their stories become part of the growing archive of play, giving new meaning and function to the objects.
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