Saturday, 3 November 2012

Playing with Water

I'm glad children aren't bothered by the cold like a lot of adults are, if they were we wouldn't have seen such brilliant games using water today. I brought along a stack of plastic cups and put them amongst the rest of the objects in the shop, they were instantly built into pyramids and knocked down, then built into towers and knocked down and so on.
But then the focus soon became much more about the cups as containers - filling them up with water from bowls and watering cans, arranging them in different formations, then knocking them down and filling them back up again. Reon in particular was taken with this idea and spent a lot of time trying out different things.
Others then started to join in, sourcing anything that could be used as a water carrier.

And then new games were invented. Have a look at the video below to see Reon and Tyra's game (and who won!)

Others then used the cups as dominoes, exploring whether or not they would tip one another over. When that didn't happen, kicking them over was the next best solution!

It is really interesting when there is one clearly dominent interest amongst the group during a session. Then seeing how long it is explored for and how many different games and activities can come from the same idea is really enjoyable. Also how different children get involved and then change the game slightly, work together, take ideas off on their own. I love those times that when you leave children to play on their own, you can see them working through an idea or a problem that you can't understand but can clearly see that they are driven enough to keep exploring and keep creating.

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