Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Car

 All of the girls who visited the shop today had roller skates, apart from Paige, so she decided to create her own set of wheels! Here is what she used to make her 'car':

She put the skateboard in the middle of the table top and put some sheets of foam in between to stop the skateboard from snapping (as the board was slightly arched). She then used a combination of thick string and brown tape to secure the skateboard to the table top.
The finished product:

And here it is in action:

Make sure the wheels are pointing forwards or the direction you wish to travel in. Then you must sit (preferably cross legged) in the centre of the table top and get your balance just right so the edges don't touch the floor. Then someone pushes you and off you go! If you want to slow down you put your weight slightly to one side and let the edge scrape the floor until you reach the right speed.

Created by Paige, age 11

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