Friday, 15 March 2013

The Claw

Sometimes at the Shop of Possibiities we have the pleasure of watching children who just have an instinctive desire to make. Often they will be drawn to certain types of materials and objects, and their actions can seem repetetive, however the child will be engaged in this repetition for a substansial amount of time. The photographs below show one of those occasions.
Using tape to wrap wooden pieces together.
During the making process I overhead an interesting exchange between the maker and one of the other children who was quizzing him amount what he was making. In response he simply replied "Just a play thing." The Shop of Possibilities is able to provide time and space for children to explore their own drive to make, without it having to be anything you can put a name to. 

Choosing where to display the finished item.
 Although the structure started off as "just a play thing" as the object progressed and got bigger it did turn into something named 'The Claw' because of the three sided wooden frames likeness to a claw.
The finished 'Claw'
 After three visits to the Shop of Possibilities, our maker has created seven different wooden structures, including an aeroplane and a sword.
JJ's other creations on display.

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