Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Tree Swings

So last week we got some rope at the Shop of Possibilities and we also got some sunshine. This seemed like the catalyst for a week of climbing trees, making zip wires and of course making tree swings. Every session for the past week has seen a new variation on the theme. Take a look below for some of the examples.
The single wooden swing and the bucket swing.

The bucket swing in action.
 Click below to see more images.

The single seated swing.

The super high swing.

The multi-person swing.

The multi person swing seats up to three people.

And has a padded fabric cushion for comfort!
There is a built children's park on the same estate, which has it's own set of swings, but what is nice about the children's tree swings is that they can build them to suit their own needs. We've had some wobbly, scary looking ones, some super comfy ones, some that spin in all directions and some that can seat more than one person at a time. All of this comes from a few basic materials that can be put together really quickly and they have provided hours worth of fun.

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