Saturday, 30 November 2013

Play Pieces: November

The days are getting shorter, but the play goes on! Here's a quick round up of what's been happening throughout November:
Some making and destroying...

A bow making station

We were attacked by zombies...

...and protected by cowboys

We found out what was inside a keyboard

Made giant swords to protect us from the zombie invasion

Got swamped by cushions and an Eeyore

Spun around on a spinney chair

Had a well deserved rest

Made cardboard rockets

Did some climbing...

...some balancing, jumping and performing

Skipping (the current record is 74!)

Tried to throw cones through the hole in the wall

Remembered that tape is really fun!

Played knock down the buckets

Made a giant bow and arrow

Created a work of art...
...with high heeled shoes

Did a bit of DIY

and made a new invention!
It's been a busy month on the Play Local project!

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