Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Playworker Stories: Zip Line

This blog post is the third in our mini series titled 'Playworker Stories', written by one of our Play Local playworkers, about a session, an activity or moment that they have enjoyed being part of. 
The third in this series is written by Josh who is eighteen years old. Relatively new to the project, he joined us in February2014 and has become a key member of the team very quickly! In this post Josh shows us a great example of how adults can support children and their play without leading, but helping to make something possible that would not be able to happen otherwise.

On Thursday 24th April we were at the Shop of Possibilities. The day started off quiet as it is was a school day. At first me and Khalid got together and was having a discussion about cartoon characters, superheroes and games. 

Junior was more interested in making noise so he decided to create his own drum kit. 

Patrick and Basit then came over and joined me and Khalid in our discussion. 

As the day went on the kids wanted something interesting to do so Tracy suggested making a tyre swing. All the kids wanted to be a part of making the swing, each of them having a go of trying to get the rope into the tree but none could so instead we got out the ladder to make it easier. 



The kids have had a tyre swing made before so we decided to try something new. From intending to make a tyre swing we ended up making a zip line. 

Some of the kids wanted to sit while coming down and others wanted to lay in it and imagine they could fly. Everyone wanted a go on the zip line as it brought excitement and life to the day. 





As the day went on and a few of the kids had left, Ben and Emily decided to alter the zip line to make it slide down more easily and faster by adding a piece of plastic. This made the zip line more dangerous but that is what made it more exciting for them. Kids love danger and taking risks. Having helped to create something enjoyable for the kids and seeing how much fun they were having made me glad. 

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