Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Play Pieces: August

Can you believe that the summer holidays are over already? It seems like they only started a moment ago! So whilst we all start preparing for Autumn and the new school term lets take a look back over some of the lovely play pieces that have happened throughout August at the Shop of Possibilities and Play Local.

We liked stuff.

Made some dens.

Did some gardening in protective headgear.

Made many chalk drawings on the pavement.
Got stuck in some tyres.

Popped bubble wrap.

Lost and found people.
Gave the dolphin a bath...

...and the orca too!

Was a bit scared by this little vampire.

But found a friendly spider.
Made a hat from the dolphin and the orca.
Played some very serious card games.
Got a bit knotted up.
Built some tents.
Did more chalk drawings in the playground.
Rode around in a trolley.
Made more dens.
Created a mermaid.
Became a shark.
And made another good playground intervention.

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