Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Play Pieces: September

Back to school but we're still playing!

We inherited an orca and a dolphin

Went camping (for about an hour!)

Lost some people

Made some unusual seats

Started a band

Made a cardboard city for our car

Covered our hands in chalk...

...and our face!

Started another band

Did some balancing

Made this unusual thing

Looked after injured teddy bears

Played a balancing gladiator game

Fitted ourselves in a tyre

Did some serious play with tools...

...and made a crossbow

Got a bit sleepy so made a bed

Did some giant drawings

Realised that a cardboard tube makes a good telephone

We wrapped a slide

Made some stairs

Held someone captive...

...then someone else

Finally we turned ourselves into superheros with some shiny big pants!

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