Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Play Pieces: October

Here's the latest installment of little moments from the Play Local project. Lots of fun was had, we even were lucky enough to take a group to the London Play Awards during the half term holidays. Here's our overview of what's been happening throughout October:

We decapitated angry frog

Worked very hard as a receptionist

Fitted ourselves into a football bag

Were a bit dramatic...

...and very happy to sit in a cardboard box

Used more tape
Posed in a stack of tyres

Created a time vortex

Decapitated a bunny and cable tied it back together

Ran races

Tied up the chef

Cleaned the windows with a water gun

Used the time vortex as a garden hose...

...with limited success

Made a ladybird from wool

Then used the wool in more mischievous ways...

...which ended in this rather pretty creation

Finally we were very excited about going to the London Play Awards!

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