Saturday, 7 February 2015

Play Pieces: January 2015

It's all gone very quiet on the Shop of Possibilities blog over the last month or so, but it's been very busy on the ground. We started the new year with a New Year's Revolution (blog post to follow shortly) and then straight back into our play sessions. We also had a visit by play worker and writer Kelda Lyons (another blog post that will be following soon) who introduced some new materials and ideas into the Shop of Possibilities. But for now here is a round up of all the other wonderful play moments which have happened throughout January:

More tape wrapping happened

We made some new rules

Broke some old things

Made a mud soup

Used some gallery leftovers as a ping pong table

Had tea to warm ourselves up

Balanced on tyres

Smashed up chalk with a mallet

Tested how much weight some flimsy metal could take (and were very happy when it didn't collapse!)

Did some gymnastics

And some tightrope walking

We made a tent on a very rainy day

And at times just had enough!

Set up a police station...

...and tried to work out who did it!

And here's a nice little musical number to end on. Enjoy!

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