Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Play Pieces: April 2015

Lots of play has been going on at the Shop of Possibilities and Play Local recently, so here's the latest photo round up:

We balanced on tyres.

Were very happy to have Josh back from uni.

Started a band.

Made a two person swing...

...then made it a little more risky...

...and then even more risky!

We "hid" in a football bag.

Ran an obstacle course.

Chiseled the bark off of an old tree trunk...

...and didn't stop until the whole thing was finished.

We hung out amongst lots of junk.

Added some safety precautions to the go kart.

Were taught a new game from Shep's childhood...

...and picked it up really quickly.

Promoted the Shop of Possibilities to passers by.

Made teepee's.

Had some fun with tape and bamboo...

Hid amongst some tarpaulin.

And made some fabulous additions to the playground on Pelican estate!

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