Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Play Pieces: July 2015

Happy Playday everyone! As we celebrate the importance of children's right to play, let's look back at lots of playful things that have happened throughout the last month at the Shop of Possibilities.

It's been hot, so we got the water out...

...and tipped it everywhere!

We made a giant hammock

Gave our playworkers a challenge with the trolley

Had pillow fights

Made bamboo sculptures

Had more pillow fights... in trolleys!

Experimented with candles and matches

We had a rest in the tyres...

...and a tea break round the tables

Made a tricky obstacle course

Hung out in a bin

Played with a periscope

Sawed some wood

Got pulled around in a tyre...

...then got Lily to pull us around in a tyre!

And finally we had a lie down in a castle!
Now we're off to play with rope, netting, tyres and trees. What will you all be doing for Playday?

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