Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Maze Made of Tape


It's interesting to see how children's interest in a particular material can be randomly sparked at any given moment. We've had a box of old 8mm film reels, casette tapes and video cassettes in the Shop of Possibilities since we opened the space last summer and the children have never paid them any more than a quick glance. However today one of the children, Basit, became curious. He found the tin of 8mm film and began to unwind it, and was fascinated by how it seemed to go on and on and on...
 He began to unroll it, and wrapped it around the fences which surround the allotments. The film carried on going. So he wrapped it around the trees which are opposite the shop and it just kept going...
The other children then began to take notice, and were fascinated by the film and the tapes. They each grabbed casettes and started trying to pull the tape from the plastic cases. None of them knew what a tape even was, so as they were unravelling them, they were asking questions and we tried our very best to explain.

With all this tape and film, Paige and Patrick began to turn it into a maze, creating obstacles you had to duck under, jump over or shimmy past. If you touched the tape you had to start again. Before they had finished, all the other children wanted to explore the maze.


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