Saturday, 23 February 2013

Isa Suarez: Mobile Voices

Artist Isa Suarez worked with a group of children to explore the architecture of the estate using sound. The children came from Wyndham & Comber estate to Sceaux Gardens and Southamton Way estates, they took on the role of explorer, noticing places and details that many of us would pass by.
Day One:
 The children were encouraged to explore Sceaux Gardens estate in order to find interesting sound spots. They recorded sounds that were happening around them - builders drilling, footsteps and the wind. They also created their own - sticks on railings, rustling leaves and echoes.
Making and recording sounds around the estate

Listening to them back - what do they sound like?
Recreating the sounds as an orchestra
Day Two:
The second day was focused on Southampton Way estate, which is very different architecturally. The children then experimented with different ways of representing their recorded sounds through drawing and performance.
Drawing Sounds

Day Three:
Today was all about performance, two locations were chosen and in each space the groups created a site specific sound work, performed and filmed it. We then all watched them back together.
Watching the performances

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