Monday, 5 August 2013

Laura Carle: Building Structures

Artist Laura Carle spent Saturdays on Elmington estate working with children building giant structures. The playground itself was used as work bench, support structure and ladder, and the created structures sometimes were attached to the playground and were sometimes freestanding.
The interesting thing about this project is the way the structures developed across the four weeks. Many of the children took part in all the workshops therefore gaining a real sense of ownership over the design process, sometimes even sketching out the idea they wanted to make first.



Laura would work with individuals to ensure they knew how to use the tools safely and then staff would be close by to monitor this. It didn't take long for the children to feel confident in using saws, hammers and drills though! The children often worked as a group, all building parts which would contribute to the overall structure.



Laura will also be working with children on other estates throughout August.
Sat 03 Aug, 12-4pm, Southampton Way estate
Sat 10 Aug, 12-4pm, Pelican estate
Sat 17 Aug, 12-4pm, Wyndham & Comber estate
Sat 24 Aug, 12-4pm, Elmington estate
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