Friday, 30 August 2013

Play Pieces: August

So here's what has been happening throughout August at the Shop of Possibilities and out and about with the Play Local sessions. We managed to catch some of the more wet and windy days but the children still came out to play!

A shop within the Shop. The products were a bit expensive though...

Dressing up with (in)appropriately branded attire!

Spoon as antenna.
Outside of the Shop of Possibilities, children on all of the other four estates have been building with artist Laura Carle:

Giant den here...

...Or here!

Using the creation as a shelter from the rain

Mini house!
We've had a lovely summer playing out, working with artists and doing lots of building!
As of next week, things go back to normal with the Shop of Possibilities reopening for after school sessions Tuesdays - Thursdays; hope to see you there!

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