Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Mehmet is one of our Playwork Assistants. He supports the play activities at the Shop of Possibilities and the other Play Local projects. Mehmet is also very good at role play and anything that requires being dramatic! Over the time he has worked with us he has been a wrestler, a security guard, a rhino and a police officer. Unfortunately during this particular session, he was unconscious (shot down by cowboys of course). Luckily for him help was at hand with paramedics Ben and Tamzin who arrived on the scene quickly. They used a first aid kit consisting of tubes, wooden blocks, plastic cones and a keyboard to bring Mehmet back to life.  
Ben arrives quickly at the scene of the accident.

The cowboys run off into the distance.

Will he make it?!

Tamzin arrives as backup.

Yep. He made it!

Uh oh... another casualty!

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