Monday, 7 October 2013

Play Pieces: September

So September is the beginning of 'back to normal' with children going back to school and settling back into familiar routines. It's also when the Shop of Possibilities goes back to normal by reopening for after school sessions. Here's what's been happening this past month:
Bikes have been used to pull people in buggies

We've had a wedding...

...and a bouquet toss

There's been a catwalk

We've tried to get Ben to be quiet (It didn't work!)

Played cricket in the rain

Used some tools

Mixed chalk with water...

...and then used the paste to colour in the pavement

Made a hopscotch

Cleaned the windows

Kept the boys at bay

Made I-Pads

And built some more dens.
Phew! It's been a very busy and creative start to the new school year!

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