Saturday, 5 July 2014

Play Pieces: June

So as we head full on into July, let's take a moment to look back over the lots and lots of lovely play moments that happened throughout June...

We made ourselves lots of money

Balanced pens...

...then blew them over

Made a motorbike

Did some digging

Washed the windows

Sat in buckets of water

Proved we had muscles

Had our first water fight of the year

Got involved in all the latest trends

Made the swivel chair really safe

Chilled out on sports equipment

Made more tree swings...

...and tried to make it more scary

Danced on tables

Sat in buckets...

...and made bucket heads

Made a den

Made patterns with water

Invented our own version of Jenga

Did some wheelbarrow racing

Dressed up

Made a bespoke hammock swing on Pelican estate...

...and some other playground additions

Did a lot more digging

Pulled some very silly faces

We grew and picked a radish!

Relaxed in the sunshine

and drew silly faces on bananas!

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