Saturday, 2 August 2014

Play Pieces: July

July has been a very busy month for us on the Play Local project which has meant that we've unfortunately not been very good at blogging all the wonderful play that has been happening. However, fear not, we're back with our round up of all the lovely little playful gems which we've snapped throughout the month.

We realized our sofa would be fun to wheel around outside.

We gave the animals a hair cut (and charged £20 a pop to do it!)

Had some classic gladiator fights with foam tubes.

Carried small children around in boxes on our heads.

Made loads of noise with this invention.

Created a challenge for bike riders out of odd bits of wood.

Tamzin made her own pet shop.

We got out the paint and made some mess.

We gave the reindeer a wash.

Posed for photos with inflatable sea animals.

Tied children to posts.

Made some sculptural interventions.

Had lots of pretend broken arms.

Attempted to make shoes held on with loom bands.

Did some al fresco drawing.

Made some exciting additions to the swings on Pelican estate.

Tied up the staff again.

Made a clever loom band animal.

Played with bubbles...

...and water a lot!

Wrote some observational poetry.

Cut up some branches.

Made more scary swings...

...then made people get tickets before they could have ago!

We made a flag pole.

Sat in tyres...

...and dragged them about.

And made some fun wooden sculptures!
Bring on the summer holidays and lots more play!

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