Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Play Pieces: November

It's November, it's getting colder and darker earlier in day, but surprisingly the children have still been playing outside. It's great to see them running around with torches exploring their familiar environment in the dark, which becomes something very different at nighttime. So here's what we've been getting up to:

We built a den for rainy days

Set a table fit for a King and Queen

Tested the strength of our playworkers...

...and their commitment to the job!

We discovered that torches are great fun

We set up a campsite around a pretend fire

Found a giant stick

Moved the campsite indoors when the pretend fire stopped doing its job

Used tape for evil

Built a girls den and a boys den

Made mud potions...

...and worked out a savvy way to transport them

We hula hooped...

...then turned it into a sculpture

Used excessive amounts of wool to make a hat...

...which led to a bit of a tangle

We worked out that plastic sheeting in the wind can be fun

We played around with photo paper

And built a rather amazing loose parts sculpture!

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