Friday, 5 December 2014

Playing Office

We love a takeover style play project at the Shop of Possibilities, and this particular one didn't just take over the space for one session, it ran over a number of sessions and moved around the space too!

Ben is the first to arrive at the Shop of Possibilities and decides he wants to make an office.

As other children arrive they become part of the game, patiently waiting in what soon became a doctors office waiting room.

When Ben had finished, it became another office, with one of our Play Local team as the receptionist.

A few sessions later, Ben decided he needed to relocate the office to the other side of the space. Carefully arranging and rearranging furniture until he was happy with it.

The neatness didn't last long, and at the weekend, another group of children rearranged and commandeered the office. Looking pretty cool whilst doing it too!

The children have become quite used to things that they make being changed by the other children. Not to say it doesn't cause any upset (at times it certainly does), but the reuse of objects is definitely part of a wider picture of destruction and creation that is part of the culture at the Shop of Possibilities.

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