Friday, 4 December 2015

Play Pieces: November 2015

November play moments from Play Local and The Shop of Possibilities included...
Wearing some interesting headgear...

...and performing with them!
Fitting into some small spaces

Balancing as many rolls of tape as possible

Playing office

Crocheting tiny hats

Fixing a broken chair...

...and smashing a broken keyboard...
...into hundreds of tiny pieces!

Decorating our face with tape

Learning how to use a hammer

Making a skateboard slide

Wrapping up warm

Playing with water

Dressing identically

Being a chef

Painting on fabric

Flying a giant kite

Building a colourful den

Writing our names in tape

And attempting to climb a little tree!
Wrapping ourselves up in silver piping...

...and falling over in silver piping!

Plus a spot of night time tug of war!

Pop back next month to see the next Play Pieces instalment!

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