Thursday, 24 October 2013

Play Fighting

"Let's make a wrestling ring!"
Just what any adult wants to hear from a group of rowdy children right?!
But by now you all know that we're up for a bit of play fighting every so often, so we watched from a distance as chairs were gathered into a rough wrestling ring shape, cushions were arranged to ensure a softer landing and over the top announcements were made to introduce the contestants.

Brother and sister go head to head as the audience watch from the side-lines:

Pillows get used as weapons:

An enthusiastic member of staff does a bit of refereeing:

It was such a performance, there was commentating from other kids, exaggerated gestures, comic facial expressions and excitable screeching from the wrestlers. This went on for twenty minutes or so, then they got tired and moved on to something a little less energetic...

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