Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Building Stuff with Grant Lambie

As part of the ongoing informal training we offer our playworkers, we invited Grant Lambie to come and work with them over the half term to design and build some structures out of wood and other bits and pieces. It was a great couple of days, where everyone got stuck in with tons of enthusiasm for their build.

Getting Started:
Learning about different types of wood and how to use different tools

Team One:
The idea came out of the group wanting to transform a relatively underused space in the Shop of Possibilities into a place the children would want to play in. They decided to build a den/house in the corner with some furniture to go with it.

Team Two:
What began as a kind of climbing frame, evolved into a slide. Using part of a structure built for an exhibition at the South London Gallery, the group strengthened and re purposed the shoe stand so that it could be used as a ladder to climb on up to the slide.

Check back in a few days to see how the children reacted to these new additions.

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