Saturday, 7 March 2015

New Years Revolution!

We kicked off the New Year by teaming up with the lovely people at Oasis Children's Venture for a South London Gallery takeover day. The idea was to bring our different groups of children together for a fun packed day, where they could think about the year ahead. The main space was split into three distinct activities:

1. What Do You Want to Be?

Washing lines packed to bursting point, full of fabric and costumes and materials for the children to create their outfit of choice. We had chefs, cats, kings and queens and lots lots more...

2. Where Do You Want to Go?

Using a green screen, the children were transported to the place they most wanted to go. Using a live feed and a monitor meant that the children could instantly see themselves in the place they had chosen.

 3.) What Do You Want to Change?

The third activity was all about the children's voices, and what they wanted to change for the year ahead. The children worked with artist Katriona Beales to make banners, placards and megaphones.

Then once they were ready, we marched!

Big thanks to everyone who helped to make the day such fun experience for all the children. Special thanks to Zoe Tynan-Campbell and James Lyndsay for the photographs.

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