Saturday, 14 March 2015

Den Building in the Rain

The observations today are made by two of our playworkers. They are both describing the same play session on Elmington estate.

Cassandra, Elmington, 14/02/2015

Girls ran round the climbing frame with rope, they covered the climbing frame to make a house out of rope and tarpaulin. They trapped the stairs with rope and tarpaulin. Chelsea and Kerry went around the playground on chair-skateboard, Chelsea pulled Kerry on the chair-skateboard. All the girls went on the climbing frame and pretended they were trapped. Anika found tape in the trolley and said to the other girls “let’s use this on our house”, so the other girls replied “yeah let’s use it, it will be good.” Anika, Chelsea and Kiahna used the tape and scissors to cover up the gaps in their house. Chelsea and Kerry were chasing each other, around the climbing frame, whilst Anika, Kiahna and Tish continued to make their house out of rope, tarpaulin, a few pegs and tape. Tish and Kerry went off to their house to rest, whilst the other three girls stayed in the playground to play. But then they wanted to go rest, Anika wanted to take the house down and Chelsea and Kiahna said no leave it as we are coming back to play. Then Anika looked at Anna, then Casandra said it’s fine to leave it as we are here till 4pm today. Anika then decided to leave the house up, the girls then went to rest after their little disagreement then came back to play. It was 3:32pm Anika and Chelsea took off all the rope of their house but left the tarpaulin, tape and the few pegs over the climbing frame, Chelsea then said to Anna and Cassandra that they are taking off the rope as its dangerous and they nearly fell. Then a few moments later they went in their house to sit down, Chelsea said “Oh fish and chips” as we could all smell food.

Anna, Elmington, 14/02/2015

It was 2:15pm and all the girls had finished building their mansion as they all described it me. Chelsea came along and was wondering if the mansion was finished. Anika replied to her saying “its not finished yet” the mansion looked great but Anika didn’t think so, she decided that it needed tape. So the girls talked about how much more tape they needed. Suddenly Anika had a change of heart and she wanted to rest, the other girls agreed. Anika then decided that they should take it down however the other girls protested. After a few seconds of bickering me and Cassandra said to Anika “you can leave it if you want we are here till 4.” Anika finally agreed and the three of them ran off into the housing blocks. After a few minutes passed they all came running back. The moment they came back to play it started to rain. So they said that they would go into the mansion for shelter however Kiahna decided she wanted to stand under the umbrella with Jack.Then Jack asked Kiahna if their mum was in so he he could talk to her. Kiahna showed him to her house then Chelsea and Anika decided to follow. Once they came back Chelsea decided that there was too many traps and it was dangerous. After a few mins went by a beautiful smell wafted by and Chelsea shouted “Oh fish and Chips” indeed it did smell like fish and chips.

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