Saturday, 8 March 2014

Arinze's Corner

So two weeks ago we saw David take over a corner in the Shop of Possibilities, and since then Arinze has had a go at claiming the space with the same material but a totally different process. It's obviously impossible to tell what is going through a child's mind while they are playing but Arinze was certainly working through something in his head while playing amongst all the cardboard. The photos make it look like lots of fun (which I'm sure it was) but at some points he got pretty angry with the cardboard and was hitting it, kicking it and smashing it up. So if someone had come in at that point and had seen that isolated moment they would have wondered what had happened to make him so angry.

However there were also moments of calm.

And there were moments that were more structured, where sorting the cardboard was a priority.

We asked Arinze at the end of the session what he wanted to happen to the cardboard, and he asked "Can we just leave it there?" So we did. Then next session he carried on where he left off. This time hiding amongst it was the most popular activity.

The cardboard has now been tidied up and is back in the corner waiting for another child to discover it.

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