Saturday, 29 March 2014

Play Pieces: March

Spring is starting to appear, the weather has been mixed but it is getting warmer and lighter meaning we can get outside to play more often. Here's a photo round up of what's been happening over the last month.
We've sat on and spun on this wheely chair - a lot!
We made our own version of table tennis

Played tug of war
We've been obsessed with blue sweets and blue tongues

We used the Shop windows for target practice

Our love for tyres continued...

...we even came up with a throwing game using them

We enjoyed some beautiful football silhouette moments

And played at being a mechanic

We did some new promotional signage for the Shop of Possibilities

And looked quite official underneath some tarpaulin

We got some new shelves and displayed some interesting objects
And the staff got tied up again, but we're getting pretty used to that now...

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