Saturday, 22 March 2014

Sunny Saturday Play

We have a few play projects to show off today. Making the most of the sunshine, the children took to the outdoors to play together and come up with some fun things to do.


Tamzin brought along her roller skates and I particularly enjoyed watching this moment when Konniemae was pushing her around on the wheely chair even though Tamzin had her own wheels on her feet.

The roller skates did prove to be a bit of a hindrance though when it came to tidying up some escaped paper... Suddenly skating became a bit too difficult...

Breaking stuff:

A couple of the boys decided they wanted to break some wood and wanted to see if they could do this by leaning pieces up against the wall and then kicking or jumping on them.

There was this one piece that just wouldn't break. See David trying to figure it out below:

They even tried to take a running jump but they just bounced right off.

So they moved on to other pieces of wood instead. (Ones that would break better).

Obstacle Course:

We also had a group of children who used a selection of objects to make up an obstacle course. They were certainly more interested in the setting up of it than the playing of it though.

But it did look really great regardless!

Tree Climbing:

Then finally we ended the afternoon on an outdoor classic: a bit of tree climbing.

They got really high up too.

We're hoping for another sunny session today!

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