Thursday, 6 March 2014

Playworker Stories: Tarpaulin and Rope

We have a team of playworkers who assist on the Play Local project, they all help to run sessions at the Shop of Possibilities and the offsite Play Local sessions. They all live locally, some on the estates we deliver play sessions on. Many of them are under 21 and for many it is also their first job. We felt it was about time that their voices are heard on the blog, and so we decided to introduce ‘Playworker Stories’, a series of blog posts written by the Playworkers about a session, or particular play moments that they have found interesting.

The first in this series is written by Jamielee who is nineteen years old and has worked on the Play Local project for around nine months.

On Saturday 22 February we went to Elmington estate. The children had some tarpaulin and rope to use so they could make something out of it. George, one of the children, tied the tarpaulin to the fence and around himself and balanced with it.

Some of the kids enjoyed putting the tarpaulin over the climbing frame to make a tent. Then Daniel turned the tent into a bath and a bed.

Even Elizabeth, one of the team members, got involved and sat on the tarpaulin.

The kids climbed on, sat on and even used the tarpaulin as a slide!

One of the children used the rope, tape and cable ties to make a spider web on the round about.

The session made me feel happy because it is great to see the kids taking something small and turning it into something good.

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