Saturday, 5 April 2014

Building a Boat

Three big boxes arrived at the Shop of Possibilities today, they were almost child sized as Lemar is demonstrating nicely in the photograph below.

Some of the older children decided to put them together to build what could have been a train, a spaceship or a boat.

Paige lines it with some insulation and tests it out to make sure it's comfy enough.

Some of the others join her, and Lemar takes control of the steering.

They disappear for half hour or so and return with fried chicken and ice pops which they eat in their new vehicle.

The creation survived the Saturday so we left it out for Tuesday's session where it was quickly appropriated by a different group of children and turned into a boat. A sail was made from foam and tarpaulin used for water.

Ben sets about making a steering wheel at the front of the boat.

He puts a special standing platform on there too so you know exactly where the captain is meant to stand.

Tamzin sweeps the deck

Then the girls commandeer the ship!

The children are definitely experts in reusing and recycling materials, they transformed three boxes into hours and hours of fun when they almost ended up in the recycling bin.

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