Thursday, 10 April 2014


The Shop of Possibilities benefits when the South London Gallery has a sort out, this time we got given two plastic cupboards which were once used by the cafe for storage. After a good jet wash they were ready to bring over to the Shop of Possibilities for the children to use.

Tamzin didn't hesitate in trying them out for size.

Then Khalid thought he'd have a go...

Tamzin contemplates what to do next.

The children decide to move them outside.

Then tried to work out what happens when you shake them when someones inside.

Patrick has a go at turning them around when Basit is still hiding inside.

He chooses his moment to jump out and surprise us carefully...

Then decides to have a rest!

Patrick and Tamzin seal the cupboard with two brothers inside...

Then make sure they can't get out easily.

Curious new objects seem to have the ability to capture the interest of all of the children but in very different ways. This session was fairly quiet which meant that all the children had a chance to use the cupboards in the way they wanted to at some point, it also meant that at times all the children were playing together which can feel like a rare moment.

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