Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Return of the Tree Swing

Last spring we made tree swings, it started to become a bit of an obsession for the children, but over time as the weather got worse and our supplies of rope began to dwindle the fascination naturally started to fade. But this week we got some more rope and the tree swing was back in action, with the children forming a queuing system and nicely taking turns.

It's nice to see some types of play come back around again. Especially when you can see how children have changed over that time and how a once super cautious child (who wouldn't even go on the swing last year) now feels confident enough to have a go and swing that little bit higher than they feel comfortable with, spin faster than they thought they could and then come off the swing with their fists in the air shouting "That was awesome!"

We had another go at it this weekend too, with more sunshine and a slightly more sturdy tyre swing:

It looked like so much fun and I am sure we'll end up with a lot more tree swings as we move into the summer time.

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