Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Playworker Stories: Play Dough

This blog post, written by one of our playworkers at the Shop of Possibilities, forms part of 'Playworker Stories', (You can see the first one here) a series of blog posts written by the Playworkers about a session, or particular play moments that they have found interesting.

The second in this series is written by Sarah O who is eighteen years old and has worked on the Play Local project since we began in summer 2012.
Today the children were making a variety of things and objects with play dough. As soon as the play dough was out and available, all of the children got involved without hesitation. They had plenty of fun making and decorating sculptures. 
After a while, they all decided that would open a Shop of Possibilities 'restaurant'. They were making different foods; all of which included chips, sandwiches, doughnuts and hot-dogs.

It was really interesting how the children used the play dough as their canvas. They were really engaged with what they were making. The atmosphere was very friendly, calm and smooth.

I was really happy and excited with the activity that was going on. I was given a great opportunity to visit my childhood, just by playing with play dough. I learnt how to bring my inner child out and use my childhood experience to relate to the activity with the children.

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