Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Play Pieces: August 2015

It's the end of the summer, and back to school is looming, so let's take a quick look back at some of the fun that happened whilst the kids were off school.

We made noise with megaphones.

Taped plant pots together and played with sticks.

Did some stick sword fighting.

Pulled funny faces.

Made tree swings.

Built The Simpsons out of Lego.

Cleaned the windows.


Threw soggy things at the wall.

Balanced some more.

Had a rest.

Chilled out in a hammock.

Had a laugh in a trolley.

Soaked people with water guns.

Built bird boxes with Keepmoat.

And pitched tents on Pelican estate.
Now we're into September and looking forward to getting back to 'normal' with our after school play sessions and seeing what the new school year brings.

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