Saturday, 12 September 2015

Visit to the South London Gallery

Just before the summer holidays finished, we brought the children from the Shop of Possibilities to see the Thomas Hirschhorn exhibition at the South London Gallery. Taking over the whole space, it challenged the children's perceptions of what they expect to see in a gallery, and certainly sparked their curiosity. 


"It looks like a war"

"I feel like I'm inside a computer game"

"We should take this stuff back to the Shop when it's finished"

"Is it from space?"

"We should take a toilet to the Shop. But the cleanest one."

"Was there a tornado?"

After the kids had some time to sketch the things they found interesting, and make a shopping list of all the things they wanted to take to the SOP, we headed back to the Shop of Possibilities.

With a little pit stop outside Camberwell College...

...before reaching the SOP which was full of foam and tape to play with!

Ps. the last day to see the exhibition is tomorrow - Sunday 13th September - go see it!

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