Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Rainy Day Play

Sometimes a lot of destruction has to happen before the making can. Often this is overt and loud with hammers and other percussive implements used to break furniture and other items donated to The Shop of Possibilities. At times we’ve instigated an “ask before you smash” policy. Wanting some items to have a little more of a second life within play, before being reduced from objects into materials.

During one quiet and very wet session in The Shop, the destructive journey from object to material happened at a slower and more considered pace. Over the course of an hour, donated cardboard packaging was torn up into little pieces by Uche and Desree and combined with rain water breaching guttering above The Shop to make a sludgy liquid or paste. Both children delighted in submerging their hands into the substance, describing it as slime and even diarrhoea. Eventually after all of the cardboard packaging had been transformed, Uche began to build a wall with the new material using it as concrete before tidy up time. 

-Jack James, Children & Families' Coordinator

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