Thursday, 27 February 2014

Play Pieces: February

Lots and lots and lots of brilliant play has happened throughout February across the Play Local project. It's been a bit rainy and windy but the days are already starting to get longer and that means more children are coming back out to play. Here's some of the fun little moments we've caught on camera this month:
We've been chilling at the Shop of Possibilities

We've been playing with the rules some more

We broke the Play Local staff

And tied them up!

We worked really hard at our desk

Messed with the rules some more

Tried to squeeze in with the cardboard collection
Made an office and forced people to interview for jobs

Played Grandmothers Footsteps

Dressed up in a silver cape

Stuffed some legs

We balanced on some tape (and mostly fell off!)

We drew circles on the floor and stabbed them with a giant arrow!

Had a hot chocolate moment

We messed up a round about with rope and tape
Did a bit of dressing up

And a bit of wrapping up!


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