Thursday, 13 February 2014


The Shop of Possibilities suffered a loss today, our trusty teddy Eeyore sadly lost his stuffing. He was a great friend and prop to many of the children and their games however he suffered a terrible accident whilst being used as an object to be sat on and pulled across the space on.
This loss of a clearly recognisable children's toy opened up lots of play possibilities, arguably much more fun, unusual and exciting than any play with the original object would have been. Yes, it could be seen as wasteful, but when you look at the hours of fun and inventive play that this destruction resulted in, it becomes that bit more difficult to be sad at the loss of the soft toy. By getting broken, the teddy became a collection of loose parts, with no clearly defined use or purpose.
Patrick assesses the damage

Then Ben decides Eeyore is unable to be saved

He starts to pull the stuffing out

And they decide to stuff Elijah with the stuffing

A bunch of the other children join in

And squeeze the stuffing into the sleeves as well

They created a cartoon like muscle man

And then wanted the stuffing back

They tried to see if the unstuffed Eeyore would work like a costume

After collecting up all the stuffing...

Aliyah got covered in it...

And looked pretty happy!

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