Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Wheely Chair Games

I am still intrigued by how much fun children can have playing with such normal everyday objects. Today's fascination was with a wheely office chair, and to be honest I think the fascination is totally justified. The children set up a simple, exciting, slightly dangerous, super fun game where one of them sat on the chair and got wheeled really fast into a sofa and a pile of cushions.
Risky? A bit.
Fun? Definitely!
I think the expression of joy on the face of the child in the third photo speaks volumes. Isn't it important to give children the space to work out their own boundaries and how they feel about risk and safety? This activity felt ok within the space because there were constant instructions being shouted at each other depending on who was sitting and who was pushing. Faster! Slower! Spin me! Stop! Go! Backwards! It rarely felt like the children weren't in control or weren't listening to each other.

The chair then made it's way outside for rollercoaster style rides around the estate:

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