Saturday, 1 February 2014

Play Pieces: January

Well January has been and gone very quickly, so here is our speedy round up of all the playful happenings at the Shop of Possibilities that kicked off the new year .
We started a band

Made some scary faces

Explored some strange loose parts...

...did a bit of balancing

Others caught on to the craze (with varying degrees of enthusiasm)

We had pillow fights with cuddly toys

Made more noise and did some dancing outside

Invented a new game

Designed some cool hat accessories

Did a bit of dressing up

Created a crime scene (make believe I promise!)
Played with the rules

Unpicked a computer keyboard

Made evenmore noise

Used buckets as a new method of transportation.
Became living sculptures

Did a spot of weight lifting

Made credit cards with an infinite limit
Spent some time drawing

And made a makeshift tent outside the Shop of Possibilities
All in all, a very creative and busy start to the year. We can't wait to see what else happens now...

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